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Location: Pandanon Island, Bohol ▸

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Country: Philippines
State / Province: Bohol
City: Bohol
Street: Pandanon Island
Phone: Let us Know if you know.
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Website: Pandanon Island, Bohol Visits 55

Island Name: Pandanon Island
Population: 1,947
Major Occupation: Fishing
Sea Shore Details: White Sand
Tourist Accommodation: Natural Cogon Grass Cottages Available for Tourists PHP 250.00
Snorkeling: C
Diving: No Place to Dive 
Distance Estimate Travel Time: 1 hour 30 minutes from Maribago
Attraction: Nice Beach with Cottages
Comments:Good for family swimming. with Shallow Water & visible Sand Bar Extended Nearby Island more than 1km distance to north. 
Entrance Fee: PHP 150.00, Hat(Shadow)=PhP250.00 (9/09)

Hours of Operation:
6am to 5pm
Island hopping